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Do You Have a Custom Fall Protection System?

As part of your company’s Health and Safety Program, fall protection systems should be implemented in any area that could be a threat. OSHA recommends the following:

  • Guard every floor hole where a worker can accidentally walk (use a railing and toe-board of a floor hole cover).
  • Put a guard rail and toe-board around every elevated open platform, floor or runway, and around dangerous machines or equipment to prevent workers from falling into them.
  • Provide safety harnesses, lines, hand rails, etc. when jobs require it.

There are several different types...

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Improve Lifting Safety in 3 Easy Steps

We all want safe environments for our workers and associates, but making a study of lifting products, their warnings and application instructions and their inspection methods, can be a time consuming effort.

Improve Crane and Hoist Safety in 3 Easy Steps

A costly effort, with little measurable results. On the other hand, failure to implement an efficient, comprehensive lifting safety program can result in tremendous costs, both human and financial.

This article is designed to offer a logical approach for getting lifting under control, making it transparent and manageable.

An unfortunate misconception...

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5 Uses for Synthetic Web Slings

Boulder and Rock Moving Slings Marine Slings Synthetic Slings Uses for Web Slings Web Slings

Synthetic web slings can be used for a large variety of applications that don’t require crane operations. Here's our list of five...

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Top 3 Chain Sling Rigging Tips

When lifting a load with any type of rigging equipment the balance and weight of your load is a large determining factor on how to lift it safely. Chain slings are commonly used because of their strength and ability to adapt to the shape of the load. In addition, chain slings can be heated to temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit without permanently reducing its strength.

Alloy Chain Slings

Tip 1: Use An Appropriate Chain Sling

Slings should be selected that are suitable for the type of load, hitch...

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Should You Employ Collaborative Robots?

As you probably know, many companies are now integrating collaborative robots into their operations to increase efficiency. Especially for manual, redundant tasks. We are considering adding two types of Collaborative Robots into our line of material handling solutions.

First is a Mobile Robot which looks like an AGV, however, it is sensor-driven and self navigating. It moves items from one location to another and automatically stops, turns and goes around objects in its direct path. No facility modifications are needed with the installation of this AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicle).

Second, the TM Series takes human-machine collaboration to the next level....

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