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Get a Helping Hand with a Vacuum Lift

Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters Material Handling Vacuum Lifts Vacuum Lifters

Do you want to streamline material handling procedures yet don’t know the best lifting device to use or cannot find the exact device to accomplish your tasks efficiently?

When an application involves rotating, holding and manipulating product or material, a vacuum lifter can easily handle multiple tasks and custom vacuum lifters offer precise application efficiency, saving on staff and possible injury.

As you probably know, employees that have material handling tasks are at risk due to awkward postures, repetitive motion, and forceful exertion, all of which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Vacuum Lifters are a...

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Don't Underestimate the Danger of Overhead Cranes

Best Overhead Crane Operator Training Crane Operator Training Overhead Crane Operator Certificate Overhead Crane Operator Training

OSHA statistics don’t lie. SinceOverhead Crane Operator Certificate January there have already been eight fatalities involving Overhead Cranes. One study referenced in OSHA literature indicated that approximately eleven percent of all overhead crane accidents are the result of mechanical errors. Mechanical error in overhead crane accidents is often the result of negligence on behalf of crane-related professionals, including employers and safety professionals. Overhead Crane accidents can be caused by a lack of adequate preventative maintenance, inspections, and lack of operator training and/or experience.

ASME B30.2-3.1.2 Crane Operator Training, states...

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Cable Industries Custom Cable Assemblies OEM for Cable Assemblies WiscoLift

GREENVILLE (May 10, 2017) –WiscoLift, Inc., a material handling supplier, is planning to expand its OEM section for its division, Cable Industries.

Construction is underway which is adding a 70% increase in manufacturing and service spaces in their plant. “Our primary products in the Cable Industries division will be manufacturing custom cable assemblies for industrial, military, aeronautical, architectural, automotive, security and marine industries,” says Rod Fisk, President of WiscoLift, Inc.

For specific product information, please email or call Rod Fisk at 800-242-3477.

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WiscoLift was recently written up in the "Made in Wisconsin" editorial, an article which highlights companies that manufacture products in Wisconsin.

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We like to provide our readers with information pertaining to daily projects; inspecting hoists, spreader bars, etc. and new technology on the market that can ease ergonomic stress and increase your productivity.

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