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WiscoLift Divisions

WiscoLift has three Divisions that specialize in different products:


Wrecker Supplies | Wrecker Supply USA manufacturers winch cable, recovery straps and towing chains

WRECKER SUPPLY USA sells accessories for the towing and wrecker service industries. Based in our warehouse in Greenville, WI, our experienced sewers and fabricators make chain slings, winch cables and all styles and sizes of recovery straps.

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 Cable Railings | Sailboat Rigging

CABLE INDUSTRIES fabricates custom aircraft cable and wire rope assemblies for Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Marine, Architectural, Security and Recreation industries.

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SlingMart Web Sling, Wire Rope Sling, Chain Sling Manufacturer
SlingMart manufacturers all types of slings for industrial, marine, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, construction, material handling, and medical industries. All products are fabricated according to ANSI/ASME design specifications and tested to twice the load capacity. We offer competitive bulk pricing and excellent customer service. 
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Anchor Bolts, Sag Rods, All-Thread Bolts, J-Hooks Manufacturer

In addition, WiscoLift, Inc. purchased the assets of WHITELAW RIGGING & FABRICATION in January 2018. It is now called Whitelaw Rigging & Fab, A WiscoLift Co. Whitelaw Rigging continues to fabricate their Anchor Bolts, Sag Rods and J-Hooks at the Valders, WI location.

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