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Crane Installation Inspection Maintenance Service

Crane Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Service

WiscoLift has developed comprehensive hoist and crane programs to help you achieve full compliance with OSHA inspection and maintenance requirements. OSHA section 1910.179(l)(1) requires all facilities employing hoists and cranes to have a maintenance program in place.  We perform on-site inspections and supply concise and easy to read inspection reports that keep you informed and OSHA-compliant. WiscoLift can design and implement a program for you ensuring compliance and increased productivity.  Our most important mission is helping people work safely!

Download our Four Part Crane & Hoist Inspection Guide

Hoists and Cranes

  • Receive comprehensive inspections with printed reports.
  • Web based archiving of all past inspections available for printing or review 24/7.
  • Quality repairs on all brands of hoists and cranes.
  • Complete preventive maintenance carried out for each specific make and model of hoist or crane component.
  • 24/7 service call dispatch.
Customer Service Comments:
"I work closely with Suzette and Robert and they will do what it takes to the best of the current schedule to take care of our service needs."
-- Doug U., 8/17
"This company continues to be an absolute pleasure to work with; professional, honest, and efficient"  
-- Jolene T., 4/16

Slings and Rigging Products

  • Receive comprehensive inspections with printed reports.
  • Web-based archiving of all past inspections available for printing or review 24/7.

Non-Destructive Testing

  • WiscoLift performs both dye-penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing on hooks and fabricated lifting devices with documentation for each item tested.

Load Testing


  • 200,000# horizontal test bed.
  • Ten ton static/dynamic vertical hoist test stand.
  • Portable test stand for manual hoists, plate clamps and lever operated permanent lifting magnets.
  • Each piece of test equipment is calibrated annually and maintained ASTM-4 compliant.

Lock Out / Tag Out (LOTO) Inspection

WiscoLift's LOTO service program identifies where all of your disconnects and sources of energy are and tags them to assist operators and machinists from hazardous energy. OSHA 1910.147(c)(6) states that energy control procedures shall be inspected at least annually.

Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment Support & Service

In addition to overhead lifting equipment, we have qualified Electrical/Mechanical technicians with troubleshooting, service and maintenance experience in all types of Industrial and Manufacturing equipment. Our Monthly Service Program ensures that all of your equipment is up and running at all times. Download Brochure >>

If you are interested in WiscoLift's comprehensive Inspection, Maintenance, Manufacturing Equipment Service or Lock Out/Tag Out Program, please fill out our Services Contact Form and a representative will contact you as soon as possible or call us at: 800-242-3477.