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As part of your company’s Health and Safety Program, fall protection systems should be implemented in any area that could be a threat. OSHA recommends the following:

  • Guard every floor hole where a worker can accidentally walk (use a railing and toe-board of a floor hole cover).
  • Put a guard rail and toe-board around every elevated open platform, floor or runway, and around dangerous machines or equipment to prevent workers from falling into them.
  • Provide safety harnesses, lines, hand rails, etc. when jobs require it.

There are several different types of fall protection systems that will prevent employees from getting injured. There should be no charge to employees for safety equipment and it is the employer’s responsibility to train their workers about job hazards in a language that they can understand.

Fold-Away Systems – Perfect when floor space is limited, this fall arrest system folds up when you are done and perfect for work cells requiring access of overhead cranes.

Free Standing Monorail Systems – The Monorail is available in heights up to 26 feet to protect workers who inspect and/or maintain tankers, railcars, etc.

Guardrail Systems – A guardrail is a simple yet effective solution to prevent falls. Designed in accordance with OSHA standards, they come in a variety of options including galvanized steel or aluminum.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems – These systems are designed to be used in conjunction with arresting force equipment and are available in wall and ceiling-mounted designs. Lifeline systems can be part of a permanent or temporary fall protection solution.

Mobile Fall Protection Systems – Designed for indoor or outdoor use, it permits a 30 degree work area from the anchor point and can be moved once the work is performed.

Netting Systems – Netting systems provide many different solutions; safeguarding against employee falls as well as falling debris.

Recover Trolley – The Recover Trolley is designed to use the force of a fall in combination with the worker’s weight and inhibits lateral motion along a track.

Rigid Rail Systems (Ceiling Mounted and Free Standing) – Ideal for work that is performed from 4’ to 20’ high, it exceeds OSHA standards. This system will stop a fall within a short distance and does not need to be replaced should a fall happen. They are also available with dual tracks to provide protection for multiple workers.

Single Point Anchor Systems – Good for roofing projects and the construction industries, these systems come in a wide variety of materials and can either bolt-on, clamp, or weld to structural objects.

Single Pole System – When multiple columns are not practical, the single pole provides a convenient alternative. The single pool needs only a single foundation and the standard length span is 10’-53’. Works well for loading/unloading and maintenance facilities.

Swing Arm Fall Arrest System – The Swing Arm provides circular or semi-circular fall protection. It is versatile in that it can be swung out of the way when not in use.

Our approach to assisting you with your custom fall protection system is to visit your site and assess the danger zones in your workplace and best solution for each. Our experienced technicians will supply and install all fall protection components and review with you how to use your system.

For your fall protection assessment, please call our office at 800-242-3477 or email us at

Remember, Working Safe Is Working Smart.”

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