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As you probably know, many companies are now integrating collaborative robots into their operations to increase efficiency. Especially for manual, redundant tasks. We are considering adding two types of Collaborative Robots into our line of material handling solutions.

First is a Mobile Robot which looks like an AGV, however, it is sensor-driven and self navigating. It moves items from one location to another and automatically stops, turns and goes around objects in its direct path. No facility modifications are needed with the installation of this AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicle).

Second, the TM Series takes human-machine collaboration to the next level. This robot has a built-in vision system. The integrated camera localizes objects in a wide field of vision and the image-enhancement light enables object recognition under almost any conditions. It can pick up items and place them elsewhere. And, these two robots can be combined together to create a total integrated solution.

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Mobile Robot Link:

Collaborative Robot Arm Link:

If you are interested in meeting to discuss ways a collaborative robot can increase productivity at your facility, please contact your Sales Representative or Rod Fisk at 800-242-3477. You may also email us at if you would like a representative to call you back.

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