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Collision Avoidance Systems Overhead Crane Safety

Overhead Crane Safety

Whether you are installing a new overhead crane or upgrading an existing one, WiscoLift’s Collision Avoidance Systems are cost effective, and are fitted to meet your individual material handling requirements.

Collision Avoidance Systems comprise distance sensors that transmit a light beam onto a reflective target. The target returns a signal to the sensor that computes the distance and following pre-set parameters prevents the equipment from colliding. They are often used where multiple cranes are on a single runway, or wherever a single crane is to be prevented from running into runway ends stops or other obstacle. They help to prevent accidents by preventing cranes and other material handling equipment from coming into contact. They can be used to automatically slow cranes and/or stop them are pre-programmed distances from an obstacle.

Overhead crane installations do not automatically include collision avoidance; this is an option that should be considered whenever there are multiple cranes on a runway or when any kind of crane travel impact is to be avoided.

For additional information or pricing on a Collision Avoidance System for your existing overhead cranes, please call our office at 800-242-3477 or email us at

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