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Vertical Plate Clamp for Stainless Steel, Model TSU-R, Cap 4400 Lbs - WiscoLift, Inc.


Vertical Plate Clamp for Stainless Steel, Model TSU-R, Cap 4400 Lbs

$ 555.05

Terrier's TSU-R vertical plate clamps is designed for vertical lifting, transporting and turning of stainless steel plates and structures.
Note: The plate surface of the material must have a hardness level of max. HRC30.

  • These vertical plate clamps have a capacity of 4400 lbs
  • Pivot and cam are made of stainless steel
  • Body and lock lever are nickel plated to prevent corrosion due to carbon contamination
  • The TSU-R comes with articulated lifting shackle for universal lifting flexibility at various angles
  • Clamp is locked in closed as well as open position
  • For lifting stainless steel plates and structures
  • Jaw opening capacity of 0-.78"
  • Clamps weigh 16 lbs
  • MINIMUM load must be 10% of rated capacity.
  • Always read the manual before using a clamp.
  • The lifting clamps are suitable for usage in normal atmospheric conditions, between -40°C en +100°C.
  • Never overload a clamp and prevent the jerking of loads.
  • When loading always use the whole jaw depth.
  • Always keep your distance during lifting and descending of a load.
  • Prevent situations that anybody is under the load.
  • Any welding to the clamp is forbidden, this can influence the hardness and toughness of the clamp.
To order TS-R, TSE-R or TSEU-R Vertical Plate Clamps, please contact our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 or email us at

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