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Air Hoist, TCS Cheetah with Pendant, Capacities 1/4-1 Ton - WiscoLift, Inc.


Air Hoist, TCS Cheetah with Pendant, Capacities 1/4-1 Ton

$ 5,644.39

The TCS Cheetah chain hoist has extremely fast and uniquely adjustable lifting and lowering speeds. These hoists are lightweight, compact and have outstanding feathering ability making them a perfect fit for fast-paced assembly line and workstation crane applications.


  • This air chain hoist has capacities of 1/4-1 Ton, speed 121-30 feet per minute
  • Exceptional high speed lifting performance
  • Very fine feathering control allows precise load positioning
  • Pendant & pull cord controls available
  • Spring-loaded vane motor and pilot air control allow extremely fine feathering ability
  • Unlimited duty cycle for severe applications
  • Adjustable lifting and lowering speeds increase production capabilities
  • Enclosed heavy-duty disc brake provides reliable braking action
  • Up full load air consumption is 64/71 (cfm @ 90 psi)
  • Net weight is 42-55 lbs.
  • Chain container included with hoist

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