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Screw Lifting Clamp, Model TBS, Capacities 3300-6600 Lbs - WiscoLift, Inc.


Screw Lifting Clamp, Model TBS, Capacities 3300-6600 Lbs

$ 454.22

FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTIGUOUS U.S.A.! Terrier's TBS Screw Lifting Clamp is multi-purpose for HP-(bulb) profiles, like sectional ship parts and ship engine rooms. The moment a load is applied, the clamp is automatically fixed.

Lifting Clamps | Industrial Plate Clamps

Plate Clamps | Terrier Lifting Clamps | Industrial Lifting Plate ClampsLifting Clamp Features:

  • For use as a temporary lifting point in any room where HP-profile is being used
  • Designed for HP100-HP240
  • Clamps weigh 7-13 lbs


  • MINIMUM load must be 10% of rated capacity.
  • NEVER overload clamp.
  • NEVER lift more than one plate at a time.

For more information on TBS screw lifting clamps or other plate clamps, please call our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 or email us at


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