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Lift Table Straddle Tilter, Capacities 2000-6000 Lbs - WiscoLift, Inc.

Econo Lift

Lift Table Straddle Tilter, Capacities 2000-6000 Lbs

For information on the best lift table for your application, call our office at 800-242-3477.

The Hydraulic Lift Table Straddle Tilter is designed to make lifting, handling and positioning of small parts containers easy on the worker's back. Tilts hydraulically to 94 degrees.

Hydraulic Lift Table



  • Hydraulic Lift Table Tilts hydraulically to 94 degrees
  • Prevents back strain and increases productivity
  • Joy stick controlled
  • Hand held pendant
  • Air/hydraulic foot petal (80 p.s.i., 20 c.f.m. min.)

Additional Options:

  • Forks - longer/shorter, higher/lower to 2", wider/narrower
  • Adjustable Forks - 6-36"
  • Slip on Platform
  • Tray Attachments
  • Larger Back Plates

To order additional options, call our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 or email us at



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