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Grade 100 Chain Slings (DOO), 2-Leg, Cap 7400-39,100 Lbs

WiscoLift, Inc.

Grade 100 Chain Slings (DOO), 2-Leg, Cap 7400-39,100 Lbs

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Grade 100 chain slings fabricated from alloy steel, are designed for overhead lifting and offer unmatched durability. They provide excellent performance in harsh environments. We offer chain slings online in 9/32, 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 inch chain diameter and any reach needed. Color may vary. For other chain diameters, contact our office at 800-242-3477.

  • All alloy steel chain slings are proof tested
  • Includes certificate of testing
  • OSHA compliant ID tag
  • Grade 100 alloy chain

Using Your Chain Slings:

  • Slings should be hitched so that they control the load.
  • All sharp edges in contact with the sling should have padded material of sufficient strength to protect the sling.
  • Only shorten or adjust the sling by methods approved by the manufacturer.
  • Alert personnel to possible snagging of sling.
  • The sling should not be constricted or pinched by the load, hook, or any fitting.
  • Make sure the load applied to the hook is centered in the base of the hook.
  • Do not rest loads on the sling.
  • Do not pull a sling from under a load when the load is resting on the sling.
  • Do not allow shock loading of the sling.
  • Always avoid twisting and kinking the chain sling

Environmental/Chemical Factors

  • Avoid using acid solutions which can alter its molecular structure and strength.
  • Excessive low or high temperatures can reduce the performance of chain slings.
  • Normal operating temperatures are -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Grade 80, stainless steel, and custom alloy chain slings are also available by contacting us at

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