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5 Ton Chain Hoist

Magna Lifting Products

Manual Chain Hoist, Magna CH500, Capacity 11,000 Lbs

$ 812.07

Overhead Chain Hoist from Magna has rugged casing that protects the gears and bearings and is equipped with a mechanical brake for maximum load control.


  • The CH500 5 ton chain hoist has capacities of 11000 lbs
  • Load tested to 150% of rated capacity
  • High quality alloy chain meets all international safety standards
  • Rugged steel casing protects gears and bearings
  • Spur gear design for efficiency, portability, and economy
  • Equipped with a mechanical brake for load control in lifting and spotting
  • Meets ASME/ANSI standards
  • Net weight 90 lbs
  • Optional overload protection available.
  • Low temperature grease allows work at temperatures to -49 degrees farenheit. 

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15-ton, 20-ton and 30-ton available. For more information on larger chain falls, call our Hoist Representatives at 800-242-3477 or email us at

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