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Material Handling Equipment

WiscoLift sells a wide variety of material handling equipment including Air Hoists, Alloy Chain Slings, Cranes, Electric Hoists, J-Hooks, Lever Hoists, Lifting Magnets, Lifting/Spreader Beams, Lifting Tables, Manual Chain Hoists, Plate Clamps, Vacuum Lifts and Web Slings. Following is an overview of several types of material handling equipment and its recommended use. For a complete list of material handling equipment, view our Categories page.




 Air Hoists | Electric Hoists | Chain Hoists

Harrington TCR Air Hoist

Air Hoists are available in capacities of 250 lbs, 500 lbs, 1/4-1 Ton and 1/4-6 Ton. We offer Harrington TCR, AH Mini-Cat and the Cheetah Air Hoist.

Recommended use: Use for lifting heavy materials that are in dirty or dusty environments such as a machine shop.

In addition, WiscoLift sells Electric Hoists, Lever Hoists and Manual Chain Hoists.

Material Handling Equipment - Alloy Chain Sling

WiscoLift 3-Leg Chain Sling

Alloy Chain Slings are available for capacities 4300-58,700 lbs. 1, 2, 3 and 4 legs are available. Each lifting sling is custom made to order.

Recommended Use: Use in areas where there is a high temperature (-40oF thru 400oF) or exposure to chemicals or dirty environments. 

Overhead Cranes | Workstation Cranes
Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Crane

Cranes available for sale online are Tool Solutions wall and freestanding jibs, Gorbel's ceiling mounted bridge cranes, freestanding bridge cranes, and portable fixed. Free standing work stations jibs, the iCON articulating arm and wall cantilevers are also available. 

Recommended Use: In work cells to provide localized material handling and/or where overhead cranes are not possible due to lack of space or building support.

Lifting Magnets | Industrial Magnets
VersaLift Magnet

Lifting Magnets can be custom made to order according to your material handling application. We have IMI's VersaLift, PowerLift and Transporter magets which utilize a powerful, rare earth permanent magent to pick and place heavy, non-flexing steel items such as truck frames and other rigid parts.

Recommended Use: Ideal for applications in the Automotive, Appliance and Office Furniture industries.


Lift Beam

M&W Adjustable Lifting Beam

Lifting/Spreader Beams are available in many styles including Adjustable Economy Lifting Beam, Low Headroom, Economy Fixed Span, Basket Lifting Beam, Material Handling Pallet, and Coil Lifter/Upenders. Some lifting beams are available for Quick Ship.

Recommended Use: Lifting/Spreader beams add stability to critical lists and are ideally suited to jobsite or warehouse use.

Plate Clamps | Lifting Clamps

Vertical Plate Clamp

Plate Clamps are available in capacities of 1100 lbs to 12 ton. We are a wide variety of Crosby and Terrier horizontal and vertical plate clamps online.

Recommended Use: A wide range of clamps designed for lifting stainless steel plates and structures, lifting and handling banded/secured stacks, and much more.

Web Slings | Lifting Slings
Endless, Returned Eye, Roundsling and Triangle/Triangle Web Slings

Web Slings are available in capacities of 1200-180,000 lbs. We offer Endless, Polyester Round Slings, Returned Eye, Triangle/Triangle, Triangle/Choker, Twisted Eye and Flat Eye & Eye. Custom slings available for any application.

Recommended Use: Ideal for molding and conforming to a load's surface and for lifting delicate surfaces since they so not scratch or mar.

Lift Table | Scissor Table
Lift Table / Scissor Lift Table

Lift Tables are available with capacities up to 12,000 lbs. Features include joy sticks, hand held pendants, air/hydraulic foot pedals. Wide base also available for wider platforms and greater side load support.

Recommended Use: Ergonomic lift tables are designed to handle heavy duty lifting and positioning applications. They help to reduce injury due to pushing or pulling heavy containers


Not sure of the best material handling equipment for your application? Call our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 and we will advise you of the best solution.