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Industrial Lifting Devices

WiscoLift, Inc. sells a wide variety of industrial lifting devices to handle all types of overhead lifting for warehouse and job site use. We are available for assistance if you have a special work application and are not sure which lifting device would work best. 

Lifting Products

Hoists - Our Collection includes Electric, Air, Lever and Manual Chain Hoists from Magna, Gorbel, DeMag and Harrington Hoists. 

Lift Tables - We carry EconoLift's wide variety of lifting tables with capacities from 330 lbs. to 6000 lbs. If you need a custom lift table, use our online Custom Quote Form.

Lifting/Spreader Beams - Our wide selection of spreader beams are from M&W and include adjustable, fixed, low headroom, ultra low headroom, adjustable bale, basket lifting, bulk container, twin hoist, small length fixed, coil lifter/upender, and material handling pallet lifters which convert crane or hoists into aerial forklifts. If you need a custom Lifting or Spreader Beam, use our online Custom Quote Form.

Plate Clamps - We carry Terrier and Crosby plate clamps for lifting every type of material possible.

Sky Hook - This industrial lifting device lifts up to 500 lbs. Ideal for mounting to bench, service truck/van, or heavy cart. Handles a wide variety of general lifting applications. 

Vacuum Lifters - Because vacuum lifters are unique to your application, we do not have pricing online. For more information, please call us at 800-242-3477.

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Additional Products

WiscoLift fabricates all of their webbing slings including eye and eye, choker/triangle, and returned eye, as well as 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-leg alloy chain slings. We can customize any length for you. Email for more information.