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Industrial Lifting Devices

WiscoLift, Inc. specializes in industrial lifting devices and services. With over 40 years experience, we can provide the best solution for your material handling project. 

Lifting Products

Hoists - View our collections of industrial Electric, Air, Lever and Manual Chain Hoists. We are a Distributor for Magna and Harrington Hoists. Our CLOSEOUT section has a Coffing Electric Chain Hoist, 2 Harrington Chain Hoists and 1 Harrington Lever Hoist for 50% off.

Lift Tables - We carry EconoLift's wide variety of lifting tables with capacities from 330 lbs. to 6000 lbs. For material handling that requires tilting, the Straddle Tilter tilts hydraulically to 94 degrees and includes a hand held pendant, air/hydraulic foot petal, and is joy stick controlled. For light-duty applications, the portable 36" travel table starts at just $795.00.

Lifting/Spreader Beams - Our wide selection of spreader beams includes adjustable, fixed, low headroom, ultra low headroom, adjustable bale, basket lifting, bulk container, twin hoist, small length fixed, coil lifter/upender, and material handling pallet lifters which convert crane or hoists into aerial forklifts.

Plate Clamps - When transporting and lifting large materials or objects such as steel plates, wood, marble, drums, etc. plate clamps guarantee a pressure grip. We carry Terrier and Crosby plate clamps for lifting every type of material possible.

Sky Hooks - This industrial lifting device lifts up to 500 lbs. Ideal for mounting to bench, service truck/van, or heavy cart. Handles a wide variety of general lifting applications. 

Vacuum Lifters - Built for unique applications, vacuum lifters can be customized to fit any specialized material handling need. Our full range includes mechanical generators, ergonomic vacuum tube lifters and self-powered vacuum lifters.

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Additional Products

WiscoLift fabricates all of their webbing slings including eye and eye, choker/triangle, and returned eye, as well as 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-leg alloy chain slings. We can customize any length for you. Email for more information.