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Vintage photo of sewers in a factory.Before the computer, we were used to calling up a company to place an order or filling out their order form in the middle of their catalog. The general rule of thumb for deliveries was 4-6 weeks. We expected that and so we planned accordingly. If we needed something sooner, we’d trek off to the local store to purchase what we needed and usually had one or two choices, so we took what we could get.

How things have changed. Now we expect to be able to get products shipped to us overnight, delivered to our door, and some of us even want to order without having to speak to anyone. The easier the better. Has the quality of fabricated products suffered because of the expectancy of manufacturing products faster, cheaper, and with less attention to detail?

At WiscoLift, we refuse to compromise quality for expediency. While we have a variety of roundslings and web slings in stock to ship out immediately, our recovery straps and chain slings are fabricated when an order is received. Since we are considered a small company by government agency standards (less than 500 employees), we employ local residents and train them to produce high quality products that adhere to ANSI/ASME standards. We may not fit perfectly in the context of an impatient world, but we are proud of the quality workmanship that comes from our facility and think you may agree that “you get what you pay for.”

For more information on our fabricated web slings, recovery straps, and chain slings, visit us at or call our office at 800-242-3477.