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In manufacturing, warehouse and industrial settings, material handling requires employees to lift, move, and tilt materials repeatedly. To assist, there are several reasonably priced, portable, and ergonomic lifters to assist with repositioning. One of the most versatile is a hydraulic powered Lift/Tilt Table. With capacities between 1,000-6,000 lbs., lift tables can be used for pallets, offloading, product, assembly, repair, and to bridge different conveyor levels.

Ergonomic Lift TablesTables are typically stationary but can be easily fitted with optional casters; two swivel and two fixed, a self-propelling handle, or a semi-portable dolly handle. There are a large variety of tops; extra wide, ball transfer, roller conveyor and tilt tables. These optional tops allow additional uses within company workstation cells.

Set-up for Safety

Ergonomic LiftingBefore selecting a Lift Table, the employee(s) should be observed to see the various types of movements necessary and then plan accordingly. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) provides an equation to assess lifting conditions. This equation uses six factors that have been determined to influence lifting difficulty; 1) Asymmetry (twisting), 2) Coupling (grip on load), 3) Lifting Frequency, 4) Horizontal Location of Hands (start to finish), 5) Vertical Location (from floor), and 6) Travel Distance of Load. For more information, please see OSHA’s Technical Manual.

Lift/Tilt tables should be at a height so that the employee can stand fully upright or in a fully supported, seated position. The object should be to eliminate the employee having to bend, twist or pull products, all of which can lead to back pain and injury.

As with any type of industrial equipment, consider purchasing safety features to avoid any mishaps. Bellow skirting, safety tape switch, safety touch bars, and toe guards may be added to the table to ensure safety.

With the right set-up, Lift Tables and Tilters can provide a healthier work environment and increased productivity.

For more information on Lift Tables and Tilters, call our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 or email Remember, “Working Safe is Working Smart.”

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