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Horiz Plate Clamp with pre-tensioned spring, Terrier FHX-V, Cap 2200-13,200 Lbs. Per Pair - WiscoLift, Inc.


Horizontal Plate Clamp with pre-tensioned spring, Terrier FHX-V, Cap 2200-13,200 Lbs. Per Pair

$ 278.30

FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTIGUOUS U.S.A.! The FHX-V torsion spring horizontal plate clamp is designed for lifting and transporting steel plates and other non-deflecting materials. Jaw openings are available from 0" - 2.36".

Plate Clamp Features:
  • When using FHX-V clamps, two must always be used together
  • Heavy duty welded body clamp
  • Pretensioned spring cam feature for easy single operator usage
  • Clamp can be closed and fixed on any desired spot
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy handling
  • MINIMUM load must be 10% of rated capacity.
  • Always read the manual before using a clamp.
  • Check whether the working load limit (WLL) of the clamp is sufficient for the load created in the lifting situation. Note: The working load limit (WLL) is shown on the lifting clamp.
  • Make sure that coupling links and shackles are large enough to allow the clamp to move freely in the hook. 
  • Place the jaws as far as they will go over the plate, making sure that the clamp is positioned so as to balance the load when it is being lifted.
  • Ensure that the load is in a stable position.
  • Always keep your distance during lifting and descending of a load.
  • Prevent situations that anybody is under the load.
  • Any welding to the clamp is forbidden, this can influence the hardness and toughness of the clamp.
For additional information on the FHX-V or other horizontal plate clamps, please call our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 or email us at

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