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Dealer Private Labeling

Are you a Dealer who could benefit from private labeling?

At WiscoLift we fabricate all of our wrecker recovery straps, axle straps, web slings, chain slings and winch cable in-house. We are offering our Dealers private labeling on each sling tag. Company logo can added on recovery straps, axle straps and web slings. Chain slings will have a stainless steel tag with your company name engraved on it. Winch cables do not have tags due to the use of the equipment.

Tag Styles

Web Slings, Axle Straps and Web Slings – 7" x 1" Fabric Tag

Recovery Strap and Web Sling Dealer Tags

Chain Sling – 1-1/2" x 4-1/4", 16 ga. Stainless Steel Tag

Chain Sling Private Labeling | Web Sling and Chain Sling Manufacturer


Refund Policy: Returns will only be authorized due to errors by the seller in product and/or quantity shipped. Refunds are not available for custom or private labeling orders.