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Crane & Hoist Training Classes

Crane & Hoist Operator Training in WI from WiscoLift

We have three customizable training programs that we offer to ensure your operators are properly trained in:

  • OSHA & ASME Standards for Crane and Below the Hook Devices
  • Basic Safety Rules for Overhead Lifting
  • The Effects of Lifting at Angles & Center of Gravity
  • Requirements for Daily Hoist Inspections
  • Inspection Criteria for Below the Hook Devices

Training Programs:

Safe Lifting Practices : 1.25 hours 
Crane & Hoist Inspection : 1 hour
Overhead Crane Operator : 1.5 hours

Inspection Modules are added on per your company's specifications. Each module is an additional 10 minutes:

Web Sling Inspection
Alloy Chain Inspection
Wire Rope Sling Inspection
Roundsling Inspection
Metal/Chain Mesh Sling Inspection
Lifting Magnets
Plate Clamps
Lifting Beams

For more information and prices, please contact our Training Department at 800-242-3477 or email

NOTE: Classes are only available in Wisconsin.