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Horiz Non-Marring Plate Clamp, TNMH, Capacity 2200-13,200 Lbs. Per Pair - WiscoLift, Inc.


Horiz Non-Marring Plate Clamp, TNMH, Capacity 2200-13,200 Lbs. Per Pair

$ 515.19

FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTIGUOUS U.S.A.! Terrier's TNMH is a non-marring horizontal plate lifting clamp that lifts and transports non-deflecting plates and structures without marking, scratching, or damaging the material surface. Perfect for lifting materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, nature stone, composite, painted materials, wood, glass, plastic, etc.

  • When using the TNMH horizontal plate clamps, a minimum of 2 clamps must always be used
  • Jaw opening capacity of 0-1.97"
  • Clamps weigh 6-40 lbs
  • MINIMUM load must be 10% of rated capacity.
  • Always read the manual before using a clamp.
  • The lifting clamps are suitable for lifting and transporting of steel plates with a maximum hardness of 37 HrC (345 HB, 1166 N/mm²).
  • The lifting clamps are suitable for usage in normal atmospheric conditions, between -40°C en +100°C.
  • Never overload a clamp and prevent the jerking of loads.
  • When loading always use the whole jaw depth.
  • Never lift more than one plate at the same time.
  • Always keep your distance during lifting and descending of a load.
  • Prevent situations that anybody is under the load.
  • Any welding to the clamp is forbidden, this can influence the hardness and toughness of the clamp.
For additional information on the TNMH or other horizontal plate clamp, please contact our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 or email us at

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