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AGV System


AGV System - TV1000 Tunneling Vehicle

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The tunneling TV1000 AGV System is an easy, cost-effective answer for optimizing your assembly line process and lean manufacturing. The flexible modular design is the first of its kind and can be modified to precisely fit your specific needs. This vehicle transports materials through pickup and delivery routines in a variety of facilities including manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, agriculture, assembly and distribution. These driverless, computer controlled vehicles maximize efficiency and safety while reducing labor costs, plant liability and maintenance. In addition, they ensure precise process flow and delivery around the clock.


  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) ability to program RFID direction from the vehicle.
  • Low profile design for tunneling under a cart, automatically hitching to it, and moving it along the magnetic path.
  • Programmable routes for fast and easy setup and changes.
  • 24-volt system with 28 AMP-hour batteries includes opportunity charging as a standard feature.
  • High reliable magnetic induction navigation system that's quick to install and easy to maintain.
  • Weight capacity up to 2000 kg (4,409 lbs).
  • Wireless pendant (patent-pending) available for route programming and diagnostics.
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