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WiscoLift -- Lifting Products and Services

WiscoLift provides all types of products and services for the material handling industry.

Lifting Products

We make custom web slings and alloy chain slings, made-to-order, or you can select one of our on-line options. We also sell hoists, lifting magnets, lift tables, vacuum lifters, cranes, j-hooks and plate clamps.

Hoist & Crane Inspection & Maintenance

We provide OSHA-compliant inspection and maintenance for all of your cranes and hoists in our comprehensive annual maintenance program.

Nationally-Recognized Gorbel Distributor

We assist you in configuring your Gorbel crane for your specific needs and area dimensions.

Authorized Harrington Hoist Service Center

Our facility is an authorized Harrington Hoist Repair Center! Our qualified Service Technicians have been specially trained to service all styles of Harrington Hoists

Overhead Crane and Hoist Repairs

Our Service Technicians receive continuous training to ensure smooth installation and service to our customer's cranes and hoists. Just call our office and speak with our service representative for available dates and times.

Cable Industries

Cables Industries is one of our divisions specializing in custom cable assemblies for various industries. Examples of fabricated assemblies have been for indoor and outdoor cable railings, and sailboat rigging lines.  

Wrecker Supply USA

Wrecker Supply USA is our division that specializes in the towing and wrecker service industries. We fabricate winch cables, large recovery straps, small recovery straps for ATVs and Snowmobiles, tie-down straps and towing chain assemblies.

Whitelaw Rigging & Fabrication, a WiscoLift Co.

We purchased Whitelaw Rigging, located in Valders, WI, one year ago. At that location we manufacture All-Thread, Bent and Straight Anchor Bolts and all styles of J-Hooks and S-Hooks. 

We look forward to helping you with your lifting needs.